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  1. White V Stole

    White V Stole

    LIST PRICE: $12.95 AS LOW AS: $7.95

    White V Stole Learn More
  2. Royal Blue V Stole

    Royal Blue V Stole

    LIST PRICE: $12.95 AS LOW AS: $7.95

    Royal Blue V Stole Learn More
  3. Red V Stole
  4. Gold V Stole
  5. White Honor Stole
  6. White Valedictorian Stole

    White Valedictorian Stole

    LIST PRICE: $19.95 AS LOW AS: $11.95

    White Valedictorian Stole Learn More
  7. White Salutatorian Stole

    White Salutatorian Stole

    LIST PRICE: $19.95 AS LOW AS: $11.95

    White Salutatorian Stole Learn More
  8. Create Your Own

    Create Your Own

    LIST PRICE: $28.00

    Create Your Custom Graduation Stole Easily With Our Stole Learn More
  9. Maroon V Stole
  10. Hunter Green "Class of 2022" Graduation Stole

    Hunter Green "Class of 2022" Graduation Stole

    LIST PRICE: $12.95 AS LOW AS: $6.47

    Buy your Hunter Green "Class of 2022" Graduation Stole and other high quality products Class of 2022 sashes. Learn More

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2017 Graduation Honor Stoles

No graduation is complete without Graduation Honor Stoles! Every single one of these high quality graduation accessories is crafted with a perfect balance of design, style and sophistication. These are made with the finest heavy weight silk fabric. Gradshop's full range of universal graduation honor stoles includes the printed graduation stoles, the plain graduation stoles as well as custom graduation stoles. Each of these top notch stoles can be comfortably worn around the graduate's neck and along both sides of the graduate's gown. These wonderful works of art can be purchased in a variety of colors, imprints and designs to suit even the most discriminating tastes. To learn more about our comprehensive line of universal graduation honor stoles, check out more information below.
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