Double Graduation Honor Cords

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Graduation Double Honor Cords

You have earned it! Rock out in your graduation gown with the best looking honor cords! The long hours of studying and cramming for tests are long gone…unless you are continuing your education for a Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree. Honor cords give recognition to a graduate’s dedication, hard work, and academic success. They have earned this prestigious honor to wear the honor cords throughout the ceremony.’s double honor cords have over 120 color possibilities, with each color having a different significance. Whether you are summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude we have exactly what you need.

Our superior crafted honor cords are intertwined strands with a tassel on each end. The honor cords are worn around the neck with the ends of the cords hanging down the front side of the graduate's gown and two tassels on each side. Different levels of academic excellence are signified with specific colors. These colors are determined according to the individual university or school. Honor Cords are also used to honor students that have demonstrated outstanding excellence in their chosen field of study. For example, light blue honor cords represent a degree in Education or Counseling and Guidance while a white honor cord represents English, History, and Literature. It is important to verify colors with your school or university as they may not all follow the standard set by The Association of College Honor Societies. Our high quality honor cords are a must-have if you want to show how hard you have worked to get where you are! Shop online at Gradshop and know that you are ordering outstanding graduation products at economical prices with great processing and delivery options.
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