The Difference Between The Academic Regalia Mortarboard Cap And Tam

Graduation is a very special event in a students life. It is undeniably true that ever since we have started schooling, it has always been part of our goal to finish school and have a great future. Whether it be in high school or any degree in college, graduation gives you an unexplainable feeling which is mixed up with so many emotions. Graduating is such an event worth remembering especially because this would be the day where you will be finally receiving your diploma which is a proof of your labor and hard work after all the years of studying while wearing the most beautiful academic regalia of your school or university.

So here comes your big day – the day of your graduation and you finally come to the event wearing your graduation apparel but then you come to realize that there are other graduates apart from your class which wear a different kind of academic regalia particularly the hoods and the caps. Upon entering the venue, you also get to notice that your professors and other school authorities are also wearing a different kind of graduation cap. You might wonder why you and other graduates, including your professors have different kinds of graduation cap being worn on the event. There is actually no need to worry since everything has an explanation for such difference.

Mortar board caps or commonly known as the square academic cap, are generally square in shape as the name suggests and are worn by graduates of bachelor’s degrees. They come in either white or black, but majority of the schools prefer to use black mortar board caps which would then match the black academic regalia of the graduates.  Such caps are worn on the head faced in diamond where the tip would go with the same direction as the face. They would then have colorful tassels attached to them which would hang on one side when worn.

The academic regalia tam, however, may have the same purpose in a graduation ceremony except that they are worn by graduates of higher degrees such as masteral or doctorate or are worn by the head of the school or university and other school officials and professors. Unlike the mortar board cap which is square in shape, the tam is actually circular in shape and are fluffy to look at when worn and are usually made out of velvet. What is common between the mortar board cap and the tam is that both do have tassels attached to them which hang on one side when worn. These tassels serve the same purpose and are used during the celebrated turning of the tassel ceremony.

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