Midterm Mayhem: Tips on Making the Grade

Student in dorm room Dreading midterms this semester? You're not alone. So here's how you can get through it sans the stress! // Photo Source: UMD Jour 203

Raise your hand if the thought of doing midterm exams is enough to make you want to bury yourself under your comfortable duvet and never come out again.

If you are one of the many college students who dread the middle of the semester, then it’s time for you to get a fresh and positive perspective on things. Midterm exams are designed to be challenging, and there’s no reason for you to fear such a task if you’re well-equipped to face them. That being said, here are some helpful tips on how you can make the grade without sending yourself into fits of anxiety.

Plan ahead of time

When you know that the midterms are coming, make it a point to plan out your study schedule so you can evenly distribute your workload on specific days and hours. For example, your Tuesday nights might be focused on English literature for two hours while Friday afternoons would see you holed up in the library for an hour and a half doing advanced calculus so you can still have time to party during the night. Remember that it’s all about balancing your studies and free time so you won’t be stressed out so much.


Talk to your professors

While most college professors may seem intimidating, they’re actually more than willing to help their students pass their class if they make the effort. Listen attentively during lectures since most professors will mention what's in the exam and what isn't. If they don't do that, then muster up the courage and approach your professors so you can ask them what to expect during midterms so you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions like what topics are going to be covered or what exam types you’ll be encountering. If in the event you’ll be given vague answers, at least you’ll have some clue on what lies ahead as opposed to going into the exams unprepared. Additionally, always approach your professors in a respectful manner and during their own time, so make sure to check their available office hours so you'll know when to go to them for help.


Rally your peers

If you feel lost in studying all those complex topics for multiple subjects by yourself, seek help by studying with a friend or some classmates who are up for setting up a study group. You don’t have to face midterms alone, and being with your peers gives you some mental and emotional support that will get you through that period of studying before the exams. It’s also an advantage to study with other people because you’ll be able to exchange ideas and advice that you might find useful when taking the midterms.


Be well rested and nourished

It simply won’t do for you to be physically and mentally stressed weeks or even days before the midterm exams. Overworking yourself is not a good way for you to pass those written tests, so do keep in mind to get some proper sleep every day. Augmenting your habit of resting well would be getting some healthy, delicious, and filling meals to help energize your brain and body. These two elements are essential for you to be able to power through those long study sessions and help prevent your body from burning out quickly.

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