Deluxe Bachelor Hood

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Deluxe Bachelor Hood
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  • Deluxe Bachelors Graduation Hood
    • Premium Matte dull finished fabric in black
    • Bridal Satin lining and chevron accented
    • Premium 2 ½ inch wide velvet degree color accented
    • Traditional 42 inch length
    • Custom professional sewn and constructed
    • Looping for attachment to gown
    • Each Deluxe Bachelors Graduation Hood will give you a comfortable prestigious appearance and fit


    Bachelor Graduation Hoods for your College Graduation.If you're looking for the best place to find an excellent Deluxe Black Bachelor Hood , you can certainly find it right here on Gradshop. Our Deluxe Black Bachelor Hoods are made using high quality velvet-accented material and can be further accented based on the degree earned. Other specifications can be added according to the needs of the graduate like chevrons and other specs like lining color. For an even more convenient ordering, same day deliveries are now offered to help you with your last-minute graduation needs. The low prices are further brought down when they're purchased in bulk. Ordering is now made easy either thru fax or online. Call now!

  • Great stuff.
    Unfortunately, we have to get our own hood ourselves. Understandable, since I just study at a community college, which I think is kind of underfunded. On the other hand, fortunately, this well-stitched deluxe bachelor hood is available online. Great stuff.
    Good product overall.
    I got this deluxe bachelor academic hood a few weeks ago, because I know I’d use it. Good product overall.
    I got a pretty good deal out of this.
    We were required to purchase academic regalia, even though we’re far from being done with graduate school. I’m new to this whole online shopping thing, so I was apprehensive. But hey! I got a pretty good deal out of this. Thanks!
    Delivery is swift and efficient!
    I reaaallllyyy needed a good hood, so I resorted to going online. I didn’t really like the ones in the other sites, except for this one from GradShop. I like its texture as it is smooth and you can pretty much pick colors as you order. You can see for yourself. I think you should. Delivery is swift and efficient!
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