Placing an Order

How long does it take to get my order?

This is an important question and it comes up often. There are two times you need to be aware of and you need to add them together to get an estimate of how long it will take to get your order.

First there is a processing time. All orders with in-stock products take 2-4 business days to process your order and ship out. Second there is the shipping time (which is not the same as the processing time). It takes about a week for standard shipping (5-8 business days). You can reduce this time by paying for faster shipping such as 3-4 business days. Just remember the shipping time is in addition to the processing time.  You need to add together both the production time and the shipping time to get a time estimate for your order.

* All custom products (custom stoles, custom diploma covers, custom hoods, custom gowns) take 2-3 weeks to process and produce plus the shipping time.

I am nervous about whether or not my order will arrive in time. Who do I call or email to get a time estimate on my order?

Please email us at or call us at 855.719.4723

Please note until we confirm by email/call that we can deliver your order by the requested date, the order will be shipped based on the processing/shipping method selected.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your selection of shipping method and order amount. You can check the shipping cost by simulating placing an order on our website and then canceling out of the order and empty your cart before filling in the payment information. We ship all graduation products by USPS, Fedex or DHL. And of course faster shipping methods cost more.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We will ship to some foreign locations. Such locations generally include Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and a few other locations. You can check if your country is available by simulating placing an order on our website. We can also place the order over the phone if you do not find your country. However because such shipments often involve the peculiarities of the various tariffs trade and import/export laws around the globe we may not be able to ship some orders overseas due to the cost of researching the laws for that location. Also if possible it is always easier for us to ship to a US-based shipping address and you will always save on shipping costs if you can arrange for a US-based address to receive the shipment. At this time due to advice from our bank concerning trends in fraud we reserve all rights to deny or proceed with orders shipping internationally. 

* Gradshop IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTY VAT TAX OR ANY OTHER FEES ASSOCIATED WITH IMPORTING OUR PRODUCTS. We cannot look up the final cost to you as your home country may (and often does) charge a fee at the destination. We cannot look up this information (and it often varies based on international law and code changes). We also cannot accept a rejection of that fee after the shipment leaves our factory and we cannot offer a return for a refund. Your home country will demand that pay the fee before receiving the returned item and cannot pay that fee. If you order from overseas you must either pay any import fees and duties your home country charges or else abandon the item or receive no refund.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.
**Schools may place orders using a PO with prior approval from Gradshop.

If you want to send us a PO, please email us at with what you are looking to order, we will get back to you with a quote.

My credit card was rejected by your online ordering system but I know my credit card or check is valid and has enough money to cover this order. Why won't your system accept my credit card?

Most credit card rejections are because your address does not match the address on record with your credit card company. Sometimes it's just a matter of a single digit off a mis-capitalization a dash or something very minor like that. Please try to re-enter your address to match what your credit card company has on file.

I tried to make a purchase several times but each time your system rejected the order (probably due to an address issue as explained above) and then my credit card or checking company called and said you had charged me for each transaction!

Actually your credit card security department is seeing the inquiries to your account not actual charges. Sometimes the inquiries appear as charges at first (ghost charges). Don't worry we didn't charge you for all those transactions. In a day or two the bank will remove all those charges on your account after they see no actual money was transferred. If we ever do make a mistake in overcharging you rest assured we will refund your money.

I see on your website "As Low As" pricing. After I place my order I am charged a higher amount. Why?

Gradshop offers bulk pricing. Which means the more of an item you order the lower the price per item is. Please click the item you are interested in on our site to see the bulk pricing chart for each item.

General Information

What is the best way to contact us?

Call us toll free line on 1-855-719-472 or our local line 1-714-783-3933. Our fax number is 657-295- 2221.

Email us at

Can we pick up our product at your location and avoid shipping charges?

Yes but approval is needed from a Supervisor. Please call and ask to speak to a Supervisor to schedule a pick up time.

Can I get a sample?

Please go to to make a request. We are happy to send samples of our products for orders potentially of 150+ cap/gown and tassels or thereabouts. We ask you follow the link above and complete our sample set request form. After the request is approved we can send you a sample set for you to keep for analysis.

We are a school that wants to place a large order for our entire graduating class. Can I get better prices?

Yes. We offer bulk pricing rates for larger orders (such as 100+ quantities).

Promo/Coupon Code Rules

Coupon Codes cannot be applied to sale items or combined with any other offers or promotions. 

Many discounts/promotions hold a minimum purchase requirement amount for eligibility.  This amount is the subtotal of the order, calculated before any taxes/shipping fees. This is a fixed dollar amount associated with the code and will not be accepted below the amount. 

Coupon codes are limited to one per customer per purchase and are good for a one time use only per customer and can only be used on full price merchandise. The coupon codes have no cash value and if a return is made, your account will be credited only in the amount that you paid – total amount at checkout less the value of the coupon code. Coupon codes cannot be combined with other promotions. 

Please note: Coupon codes are not retroactive and price adjustments will not be issued to orders placed prior to the start of any promotion.

Product Questions

How many colors can I have in my tassel?

All of our tassels are sold in either 1, 2 or 3 color combinations.

What information do I need for the sizing?

You need to provide us with each customer's height with shoes on for the gown. You do not need to provide cap size as our standard caps are one size fits all with elastic. You can view our sizing chart at * We do offer fullfit sizes for those customers in need of more room for girth.

 Is it okay for a person with a Masters Degree to wear a Tam? If so how many sides?

It depends on your college. Some colleges require mortarboards for Masters candidates and others tams. If tams are acceptable it is usually the 4-sided version for Masters degrees.

What is the difference between a Tam and a Mortarboard?

Tams are made from higher quality materials than mortarboards; tams are composed of a black velvet fabric and generally have a gold bullion tassel rather than a tassel that is the color of the school or University. Rather than having a flat top tams have a poof top similar to a beefeater style cap.

Tams are typically used for Doctoral degrees though some Master's programs do use them. Tams are made from velvet and usually have a ribbon over the fabric and in black. Color variations do occur with some colleges. The numbers of sides vary; we offer four six or eight sided tams. Four sided is usually only used for Master's degrees while six and eight sided are used for Doctor's degrees depending on which the University prefers. Tams are "poofed" at the top instead of flat and come with a tassel usually in gold with one or two buttons and sometimes in a gold bullion color.

Whether you pick a 4, 6 or 8 sided tam has less to do with regulation and more to do with looking your best! Traditionally tams were 8 sided. Most tall or large men look best in 8 sided tams. Short and stocky individuals may look better in a 4 sided tam since it is less round looking. Most average sized women and small to average sized men look best in a 6 sided tam as it is very similar to the 8 sided tam but smaller and less round.

What are my school colors for my hood?

There is no standardized and unified published listing available of all current school colors. While Gradshop does maintain a color chart for degree velvet colors there is no true substitute for contacting your school directly and asking them what colors they are currently using for your graduation apparel. Schools can and sometimes do change their colors on a yearly basis (and even the color of the gown itself).

How do I wear my hood?

Place it over your head draping off your shoulders and across the back of your gown. The velvet edge should be on the outside visible from the back. Make sure the lining (field and chevron school colors) are turned out so that people can see from the back your university colors. Usually this is done by turning the velvet trim to the outside at the back just below your shoulders. If you ordered a professional / faculty hood there will be a cord in the back (with two buttons one on each side of the hood) to keep your hood in place and a cord in the front to keep the hood away from your neck. Fasten the front cord to a shirt or dress button. Finally make sure the fabric shell of the hood is smoothed down and lays flat against the back of your robe. You can view our Gradshop hood sizing chart at

What is the difference in fabrics? ( Shiny vs. Matte)

The main difference is the finish of the fabric. Our shiny gowns are a knitted fabric that has more of a shiny look to it giving the color of the gowns more brightness. Our matte gowns are a woven fabric which has more of a flat dull finish. Either option look greats.

Are the gowns see through And what is the quality of your gowns?

No. Our gowns are made with the finest quality. What distinguishes us from other suppliers is that all our products are carefully manufactured using only the finest quality materials while still maintaining unbelievably low prices certain to suit your needs.

Our dazzling array of high school graduation gowns come in a fine polyester finish smooth pleat and neck piping and a heavy duty zipper construction for trouble-free operation.

The Deluxe Bachelors and Masters Gowns are produced with high quality matte fabric with fluting on the arms and back.

The PhD grad gown has a fluted back and shoulders and velvet trim and is designed with traditional academic sleeve and made of the highest quality fabrics.

You can view our color and material charts at Size & Color Charts

Custom Orders

Custom order

We are able to customize any products such as stoles, diploma covers, gowns, etc...
Please direct all questions and comments regarding custom orders to one of our product specialists, you can email us at
We will be happy to provide you a quote and a mock-up design.

Please note all our custom products are non returnable/non refundable.