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  1. Gold Honor Stole
  2. Royal Blue Stole

    Royal Blue Stole

    LIST PRICE: $4.95

    Royal Blue Stole Learn More
  3. Gold Stole

    Gold Stole

    LIST PRICE: $4.95

    Gold Stole Learn More
  4. Black Stole

    Black Stole

    LIST PRICE: $4.95

    Black Stole Learn More
  5. Gold College Honor Stole

    Gold College Honor Stole

    LIST PRICE: $9.95 AS LOW AS: $7.95

    Gold College Honor Stole Learn More
  6. Royal Blue College Stole

    Royal Blue College Stole

    LIST PRICE: $6.95 AS LOW AS: $4.95

    Royal Blue College Stole Learn More
  7. Gold College Stole
  8. Black College Stole
  9. Gold Elementary Honor Stole

    Gold Elementary Honor Stole

    LIST PRICE: $9.95 AS LOW AS: $7.95

    Gold Elementary Honor Stole Learn More
  10. Royal Blue Elementary Stole

    Royal Blue Elementary Stole

    LIST PRICE: $6.95 AS LOW AS: $4.95

    Royal Blue Elementary Stole Learn More

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Graduation Stoles on sale at Graduation Shop. Also referred to as honor stoles or recognitions stoles, stoles are a key item to have on your graduation day. Our Graduation Stole departments include Pre School Graduation Stoles, Kindergarten Graduation Stoles, Elementary Graduation Stoles, Middle School Graduation Stoles, High School Graduation Stoles, College Graduation Stoles, Honor Stoles and Greek Stoles. Check out our graduation sashes and stoles on offer from Gradshop, your main source for all types of stoles for your graduation.

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