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  1. White Elementary Honor Stole

    White Elementary Honor Stole

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  2. White Elementary Valedictorian Stole

    White Elementary Valedictorian Stole

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  3. White Elementary Salutatorian Stole

    White Elementary Salutatorian Stole

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Elementary Imprinted Graduation Stole

The graduation stole is one prominent accessory for graduation that is occasionally seen fashioned by elementary school honor graduates during the graduation commencement. Our stoles are made from high quality bridal satin and they are worn around the elementary school student’s neck and hang loose in front of them. Gradshop.com’s Stock Imprinted graduation stoles are very popular for numerous honors bequeathed upon elementary school graduates such as being named Salutatorian, Valedictorian, or Honor. We offer stock imprinted stoles in gold and white silk screened with the most popular wording Honor, Valedictorian, Salutatorian. Our Imprinted Stoles are crafted with a perfect balance of design, style and sophistication. They come in the popular tip style, high quality bridal satin fabric, and fully lined. Gradshop's imprinted graduation stoles are certain to be your number one choice. They may be purchased individually or purchased in bulk to receive huge savings. Order now!
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