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College and University Graduation Honor Cords

Graduating from a university is an honor and major achievement. In recognition of those who achieve this, the graduation commencement is held to publicly present graduates with their diplomas and awards. Although Academic Regalia differs from college to college, students and faculty taking part in the graduation ceremony are often seen wearing more than the basic Academic Regalia. Therefore, not only does your graduation involve wearing a cap, gown, tassel and other academic accessories, but it also entails traditional pieces such as Stoles and Honor Cords. Gradshop offers Single Honor Cords and Double Honor Cords. Our honor cords come in different colors, with each color having a different significance.

Now that you’re graduating, you must distinguish yourself from everyone else especially if you’re a member of the Honor Society or graduating with honors such as magna cum laude, summa cum laude, or cum laude. Honor cords are one of the prominent graduation accessories seen in most academic ceremonies. Gradshop’s premium honor cords are intertwined strands with a tassel on each end and they are generally worn in pairs and the two cords are tied together at their midpoint. Honor cords are worn around the neck with the ends of the cords hanging down the front side of the graduate's gown and two tassels on each side. Our high quality honor cords are a must-have if you want to show how hard you have worked to get where you are! Shop online at Gradshop and know that you are ordering outstanding graduation products at affordable prices with great processing and delivery options.
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