• What Type of Hat Should Doctoral Graduates Wear?

    Traditionally, graduation attire has been worn at educational institutions as a sign of status, either by those admitted into degree programs or by professors and other academic mentors. Today, these traditional ensembles are only worn at graduation ceremonies. Each graduation outfit is distinctive in some way to the institution it is representing. It will generally consists of a gown, or “robe,” as well as a separate hood (if applicable) and a cap. Doctoral Graduation Attire A doctoral degree is the highest level of education a person can reach. Doctoral degree holders typically hold top university positions, including that of dean, president and professor. To show their great achievement, doctoral graduation attire is the most distinctive of all. Doctoral robes are typically black and prominently feature a hood. The outside shell of the hood is black while the lining sports a color that represents the specific degree program. Doctoral gowns are very similar to the graduation gow ...

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  • Tips for Better Graduation Announcements

    When you work four or more years at a degree and finally achieve it, it is time to celebrate. Many students celebrate by inviting loved ones to attend with formal invitations. Because graduation is a big deal, there are certain rules of etiquette you should follow when inviting people to your graduation. When you mail graduation invitations, you will have two envelopes. The inner envelope will hold your actual announcement. This inner envelope can be addressed informally, such as "Grandma" or "Aunt Irene". The outer envelope is the mailing envelope. This envelope will protect the formal invite and inner envelope during mailing. This envelope should be formally addressed with the invitee’s name, address and your return address. Spell out words rather than using abbreviations. For example, spell out “Street rather” than abbreviating it “St.” Be sure to write your return address or use a pre-printed return address label so out-of-town guests can send cards and gifts. When organi ...

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  • How to Differentiate Between Different Types of Graduation Robes

    Image source: There are a number of different types of degrees you can be completing when graduating from a college or university. Associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees all have slightly different variations in gowns, caps and hoods by tradition. Our team at uses years of experience with graduation apparel for all types of degrees and are here to share our insights with you:Associate Degree – When receiving an associate’s degree, black or gray gowns are the typical colors selected by schools. Depending on the school’s direction, you may or may not be wearing a standard mortarboard cap with hanging tassel. Some schools also allow you to wear a hood or stole to symbolize the school you are graduating from or the subject you earned your degree in. Bachelor Degree – The traditional bachelor degree gown is black with pointed sleeves. Your cap will be a standard mortarboard cap with tassel, and your tassel may be a standard black or another colo ...

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  • What Should I Wear Under My Graduation Gown?

    Graduating from high school or college is a special time meant for celebrating your achievements. When it comes to the actual ceremony, everyone knows exactly what they will be wearing – a graduation robe, cap and tassel. What you are left to figure out is what to wear underneath your gown. The experts at GradShop want to share a few things to consider when choosing what to wear under your graduation gown.Your top is going to show – Most graduation gowns are designed to show the front of your shirt or top, even if you are wearing a stole or sash. Men should consider wearing a collared button-down shirt with a tie for a tidy but classy appearance. Women can consider a scoop-neck top with a more modest cut or collared blouse. Do not forget your bottoms – In most graduation gowns, the majority of your bottoms will not show. Women can easily wear pants, a skirt or dress underneath their gown. Watch out for floor-length dresses and skirts as they could make the outfit look a bit mor ...

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  • Insight On The Materials Used For Academic Wear

    Academic apparel is something that everyone is familiar with. Virtually anybody who has completed any type of educational course has both seen and worn a graduation gown and has sported a cap or two, but the thing that many don’t really take into full consideration would have to be the materials used to create those caps and gowns. Continue reading → ...

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