A Safe Trick-or-Treating Game Plan for Kids

Trick-or-treating kids You can breathe easy knowing that your child will be safe going trick-or-treating after reading this guide. // Photo Source: Delia Creates

We all know that kids look forward to Halloween for the sole purpose of dressing up in their costumes and going trick-or-treating. But as a concerned parent, you want your child to have a fun time while being safe at the same time. So here are some key things you need to know and discuss with your kids before they venture off into the neighborhood to collect their yearly haul of free sweets.

Map out the route

Even if your child is familiar with the neighborhood, its best if he or she sticks to houses and paths close to your house. Sticking to the general area surrounding your home ensures that your child won’t have any problems getting lost. Additionally, avoiding a long trick-or-treating route prevents kids from getting tired easily walking around with a heavy bag of candy and dressed in their costumes. On a related note, remind your child to never go in other people's homes when getting candy for trick or treating. Make sure he or she stays outside the front door and leave immediately after getting the sweets and thanking the host.


Feet first

Trick-or-treating involves a lot of walking on your child’s part, so comfortable footwear is essential if he or she is going door to door to collect some candy. If your child is concerned that wearing regular shoes will clash with his or her costume, the good news is that you can easily help them decorate a pair of sensible footwear in a way that it will match their Halloween outfit.


Light the way

Don’t assume that all parts of your neighborhood will be well-lit at night during the peak of trick-or-treating hours. Sometimes, kids will take shortcuts behind houses or alleyways to get to their next destination faster and these areas might not have light sources to guide their path. In this regard, have your child carry a portable flashlight so that they won’t stumble in dark areas.


Curated costumes

Be smart when it comes to dressing your child safely for costumes. Anything that is long can be a tripping hazard for your child, so keep hemlines short. If possible, avoid using masks so your child can breathe easier when walking around. You can substitute masks by applying non-toxic and hypoallergenic makeup on your child’s face to complete the look. As for props, avoid any material that may cause serious injury. You can fashion items like swords, wands, and armor from harmless things like cardboard or you can choose to purchase props made out of plastic or rubber instead. When your child goes trick-or-treating alone, have them carry a card containing your contact details in case of emergencies.


Candy inspection

Stress the importance that your child should not touch the candy until after he or she gets home. At the end of the night, make sure you have the time to inspect your child’s impressive haul of sweets before he or she gets to eat them. Check for things like expiration dates on the packaging, sweets that may contain ingredients that your child is allergic to, or pieces that looks as if they have been opened.

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