• How Open-Access Colleges Caused Gains in Graduation Rates

    Gains in graduation rates are definitely beneficial. And we have open-access colleges to thank for the recent rises. | Image source: WIkipedia A college education may not be accessible to a lot of students in the U.S., but graduation rates have increased, thanks to open-access colleges and similar institutions all over the country. This is obviously good news, since it spells something positive for America’s literacy. Continue reading → ...

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  • Handling Difficult Preschoolers

    Misbehaving preschoolers may be a problem for you. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you out. | Image source: Huffington PostHave you ever had to put up with rowdy preschoolers? Then you may not know how to manage them! You can’t blame them for their behavior, considering they’re still in the phase of discovery. Winning over stubborn children is daunting. If you’re not used to the sort of demeanor they display, then you may be in for some trouble. Continue reading → ...

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  • High School Study Habits after Winter Break

    You're sure to get really lazy after the break. Here are ideas for you to regain your motivation! | Image source: The Independent UK Being away from school for a long time may change your perception of studying. You’ve probably lost your motivation over the winter break. Suddenly, you find yourself in a pickle, and you don’t know how to go about things anymore! Fortunately, we have some tips to get you back on the road. Here are some ideas to help you with your study habits. Continue reading → ...

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  • Five Essential New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

    Your New Year's resolution has to be realistic. Here are some attainable ones just for you!Image source: Schollegiate College students find it hard to commit to anything due to their heavy workload as they go through the challenges of their academic lives. Their focus is mostly on schooling and other than brief periods of leisure, they really can’t commit to anything else. Is it therefore possible for you to have a New Year’s resolution? If you’re currently in college, you may feel that resolutions are too much of a burden to even handle. But there are always essential ones which are achievable! Below is a list of ideas which you can easily follow! Continue reading → ...

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  • Festive DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make

    Put some festive cheer into your home by making some awesome DIY Christmas decorations! // Photo Source: Home Designing Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you are now free to channel a festive spirit into your home by breaking out some awesome Christmas decorations! But instead of the run-of-the-mill décor you’ll find in stores, consider making your own Christmas ornaments to make things even more charming and jovial. Besides, now that you have some time off from school to enjoy the holidays, you’ll certainly have fun creating these delightful pieces and impress your family members the minute you put them up for display. That being said, here are some cool suggestions for you to try. Continue reading → ...

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