• Graduation Speeches: The Perfect Topic

    Graduating at the top of your class is truly a feat for anyone! Your fellow classmates will look up to you. Your teachers will admire you. But then, you’d have to deliver a graduation speech which you will present to a wide audience. So how do you go about this? Below are some speech topics you can write about: Continue reading → ...

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  • Cherishing Memories before Graduation

    As you leave behind the academic life to transcend into the professional world or to another stage in education, you also leave behind bittersweet memories which you are to cherish. How about one last fellowship with your friends and classmates at school? One last hurrah before finally crossing the portal? Here, we have a few ideas for you to enjoy your last days with your peers! Continue reading → ...

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  • Wearing Your Hood as You Should: How to Wear the Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Degree Hood Right

    It’s a travesty to see graduates climb up the stage without any idea how to wear their academic hood. So why don’t we talk about donning your hood properly? Let’s purge the oblivious scholar in you. And here, we get started. Continue reading → ...

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  • Pros and Cons of Entering Grad School

    Entering grad school is intimidating. You may have been evaluating if grad school is for you. Should you consider pursuing a graduate program?  Will it be worth the investment?  Is it aligned with your long term personal and professional goals? Continue reading → ...

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  • A History of the Academic Regalia: A Timeline

    We have grown accustomed to the attire we wear on graduation day. The gown, cap, tassel, hood, and stole are more or less considered the basics of academic regalia. They have so much become a part of the commencement day tradition that we hardly ask why or how they have come to be so. While it may be true that the academic regalia we wear today are rooted in tradition, you may not actually know the exact story of how it came to be. Prepare to get your mind blown while we take you on a history tour with a timeline of how our modern academic regalia came to be.Continue reading → ...

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