Cool Tips to Bring Pizzazz to Your School Locker

School Lockers Discover how you can transform your locker now that you're back in school! // Photo Source: Sweet Home Style

They say that we become the stories we tell about ourselves, so now that you’re back in school… what’s your locker story? This semester, it’s the perfect time for you to reinvent your personal storage area and infuse plenty of attitude and personality behind the metal door of your locker. But if you think that working with a limited amount of space is difficult to decorate, think again. That small rectangular metal box is the blank canvas where your creativity is waiting to be applied, and upon completion of your resourceful decorating, your style story will be the talk of the campus. Here are four key plot points to consider this fall when you’re thinking of upgrading your school locker.

Make an exterior statement

Painted School Locker Photo Source: Global Geek News

If you prefer to keep the inside of your locker very minimal, then don’t be afraid to add the wow factor on the outside of your locker door. All eyes will be on your designated storage space in school once you flex your artistic talents and show everyone that you mean business when it comes to ingenuity. We strongly recommend that you check first with your school to see if you are allowed to decorate the exterior surface of your locker. If possible, use easy-to-remove paint so you can clean it up in a breeze once you vacate the locker for the next occupant.


Something big in something small

Zebra Print Wallpaper in a School Locker Photo Source: IMG Arcade

The potential to impress schoolmates (and your imaginative teachers) will be huge when you apply your decorating skills inside your locker. Funky accents such as patterned wallpaper or textured fabric are great for covering the metal interiors and will put a smile on your face every time you open your locker.


Add an emotional touch

When you want something more emotional to inspire you on a bad day, there’s no better way to cheer you up than seeing a locker door plastered with a carefully curated collage of photographs that will perk you up in a snap. This emotional mood board of sorts will give your locker some valuable sentiment.


Don’t forget about functionality

Colorful locker organizers and school supplies Photo Source: The Cav Studios

Blending style with substance takes a skillful hand and a savvy eye. If you want a more utilitarian feel to your school locker but don’t want to skimp on the chic element, invest in practical but stylish pieces like colorful magnets, pen holders, file organizers and miniature whiteboards to achieve this goal.


These are strong and confident locker statements for visionary students. Don’t be afraid to play the hero—after all, this is your story to tell.

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