How to Wear Masters Cap Gown And Hood

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Taking up a master’s degree is indeed an extra mile for a student. One does not simply take up a master’s degree without having to finish an undergraduate degree. This means additional years and units are taken before finally graduating from the master’s degree of choice.

There may be different reasons as to one wants to take up a master’s degree, it may be because one wants to enhance and add up extra knowledge in a certain field or because a student would want to end up and land in a high-earning job due to higher qualifications. But no matter what the reason is, one thing is for sure, any student graduating with a master’s degree will have to get to wear another new set of academic regalia which includes a masters cap gown and hood.

There is no difference in terms of how in particular a masters degree cap gown and hood are being worn. Similar to the undergraduate academic regalia, the academic gown is still worn over the graduation attire which would be a button-down long sleeved shirt and dress pants for men, and a knee-length dress for the ladies. The academic hood, which comes in different colors, is worn over the gown just to hang and draped on the wearer’s shoulders. And the graduation cap, which would generally be a mortarboard, would be worn on the head.

Gradshop-Masters Cap Gown And HoodAlthough, ceremoniously speaking, there may be some differences in terms of how some items are worn. For instance, the academic hood of a candidate for a masters degree is worn right as he or she gets to receive the degree on stage. The graduate is hooded by one’s relatives or loved-ones in front of the graduating class. This would be different compared to the undergraduate degrees wherein they are hooded before they get to receive their degree in a separate mass hooding ceremony.

Aside from the hood, another difference would be of the tassel in a master cap gown tassel & hood. Undergraduate degrees would often be instructed by a university official to flip their tassels from left to right as a sign of transition from being a student to becoming a graduate. However, this wouldn’t be the case for a masters degree graduate. One will have to either flip their tassels from right to left or either retain its position at the left side of the cap, depending on university traditions. The tassel would be originally from the right since they have already flipped it during their undergraduate degree graduation.

It is important to know the differences as to how one should be wearing academic regalia for different degrees such as a masters cap gown and hood. Knowing these differences would guide one during a graduation ceremony because as what was mentioned earlier, a masters cap gown and hood would differ in terms of ceremoniously wearing them.

Graduation is truly the best thing that would happen in a student’s life. One should make sure that everything gets well prepared, that includes knowing the purpose and uses of wearing the academic regalia.

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