2015 March Madness

When March Madness is around, expect that everyone is in for a treat! | Image source: AdWeek When March Madness is around, expect that everyone is in for a treat! | Image source: AdWeek

It’s the month of March. That could only mean one thing: NCAA March Madness is here! If you’re not too familiar with it, here is a brief overview of the event which happens in most colleges around the nation!

First of all, March Madness is actually a branding coverage of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament and is produced by CBS Sports. It caters to sports enthusiasts, specifically those who are into basketball.

It refers to the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament, featuring many schools all over the United States. At the start of the tournament, about 64 teams are present to compete in the games, but during March Madness, the numbers would diminish as all the other teams would be eliminated. In the end, only two teams will have a shot at winning the tournament at the end of the season, adding to the excitement of the event.

Those who win will keep the winning court, free to do anything with it as they see fit, for as long as they defend the title and not lose it in the succeeding seasons to come. This is the perfect opportunity for teams to effectively hone their skills further in the world of basketball.

Contrary to popular belief, the NCAA doesn’t actually receive any profit from March Madness. In any case, the television broadcast will allow networks to receive much of the revenue instead. According to the income generating procedures of NCAA, earning from March Madness is not part of its protocol. However, widespread media coverage provides the organization momentum for building up its reputation.

Whether you’re a student interested in March Madness or not, it’s best to always show your support for your favorite teams and cheer them on! Give them that boost in morale which they need to win the tournament in the end!

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