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    $28.00 can virtually help you customize any type of stole for any occasion. Our stole specialists are always ready to help you. Call us at 1-855-719-4723

    • Make your own customized stole with numerous styles, trims, colors and other customizations to choose from.
    • Every custom stole is manufactured with the upmost care. At we will make sure you look your best for your special day.
    • Begin customizing your stole buy choosing your stole tip, color, trim and size as well as the text and/or image that you would like printed or embroidered.


    Find the right size for your gown. See the instructions below.

    Elementary • Middle School • High School • College • Academic Regalia

    SizeHeightWeight Below
    394'6''- 4'8''180 LBS
    424'9''- 4'11''180 LBS
    455'0''- 5'2''180 LBS
    485'3''- 5'5''180 LBS
    515'6''- 5'8''270 LBS
    545'9''- 5'11''270 LBS
    576'0''- 6'2''270 LBS
    606'3''- 6'5''330 LBS
    636'6''- 6'8''330 LBS
    666'9''- 6'11''330 LBS
    SizeHeightWeight Above
    45XL5'0''- 5'2''180 LBS
    48XL5'3''- 5'5''180 LBS
    54XL5'9''- 5'11''270 LBS
    57XL6'0''- 6'2''270 LBS
    63XL6'6''- 6'8''330 LBS

    Gown Measuring Instructions

    Choose from an array of colors and fabric that we offer.

    Shiny Fabric

    Matte Fabric

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